Laser LED hand spinner top with 18 styles verify picture, on/off buttom-6pcs/set

Laser LED hand spinner top with 18 styles verify picture, on/off buttom-6pcs/set

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$44.95 (as of July 10, 2018, 4:23 pm)

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our company is established over 10 years and used very good experience engineer’s technical design at matical moudle so this item designed at very good & excellent technical status. this IC also special cooperated with IC design house so our laser LED light got very different and ver good special function, it would be good either you brought for personal play or re-sell in your shop. This is 6pcs/set version, all color in one to save post cost and see all color with LED light color different, make play top more good & fun as a expert. Led light hand spinner top is hot in the market but all of them are no good in quality also didn’t have such verify led light pictures! Our hand spinner top is totally new moudle with over 30 years experience to made. Specifictataion is design at good and excellent function and quality as below: 1. bearing weight : much good size & weight, to make hand spinning top work spinning as much sooner, stable, lower noise. 2. Lighing function: 11 lights line up, use higher level LED light make led light much shinning during either day or night; 11 higher level light with 18 picture verify changing during spinning also make LED light color change with hand spinning top color. for example: white hand spining top which LED light change is differnt with Green hand spining top.  3. Power on/off : power on/off design to save power, 4 min. auto off while no any use. 4. housing and package is our own design, you can’t see it in other place. 5. reset of other two fridget is made specifical lines, made spinning more stable. it is very good to buy 6 colors at once as the Laser LED light would be play different picture style.