Ant Colony Outback Wildlife

Ant Colony Outback Wildlife

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Every nascent myrmecologist will want one of these cool plastic ant colonies. The kit comes with a colony module (8.75 inches wide, 6.25 inches tall, and 0.5 inches thick) divided into an aboveground section (with a small plastic cityscape) and a part that goes below ground (with pictures of tunnels). Fill the lower half with the included digging sand, and add some ants. You can either collect them from the backyard (though the kit warns that certain ants can sting or bite) or order them using the included ant-redemption coupon. Without a queen you won’t get baby ants–the manufacturer is prohibited by law from shipping queens so you must find your own if you want one–but you will get to see all the efforts of the worker ants, including tunneling and feeding. The set also includes food, tweezers, and a water dropper feeder. Detailed instructions tell you about ants, and about safe handling procedures. Note that ants can only be shipped in the continental U.S., and that shipments can take 4 to 6 weeks, or longer in extreme cold weather. An experience that’s not at all improved by also renting the 1950’s horror movie Them. –Richard Farr