Accentuate – The Fun of Accents – A Party Game to Test Your Accents

Accentuate – The Fun of Accents – A Party Game to Test Your Accents

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Accentuate is the award winning new guess-the-accent game, developed by UK siblings and launched in 2014. Originally created as a fun party game for family gatherings, the creators soon realized the widespread appeal of the fun of accents: Can you copy a Californian, or mimic a Mexican? If your imitation skills are up to scratch you’ll go far with Accentuate, the new party game that will have you squirming with embarrassment! The all-new USA edition of Accentuate boasts a simple yet humiliating premise: repeat a given quotation aloud in a randomly selected accent and see if team-mates can guess what it is! The worse the accent attempts are, the more hilarious the game becomes as players struggle to separate their Indian from their Irish, their Jamaican from their Japanese: Featuring 22 different accents from around the globe, a third of which are home-grown American accents. Accentuate players are under blush-inducing pressure to perform, with just 30 seconds to recite one of the 90 Quotations in their randomly selected accent.

Accentuate is played by teams with a minimum of two players each. The aim is to guess which accent your team-mate is trying to imitate. The opposing team may also have the chance to guess the accent and win the points on the accent card should “All” be rolled on the die. Each team selects a speaker for the first round, who will roll the dice to determine play options -Swap, Play, Pass or All.

The speaker chooses a Quotation Card then an Accent Card. At this point flip the timer- the speaker has 30 seconds to recite the quotation in an accent – without giving any other clues.

The speaker’s team can confer before presenting the one official guess to win the points on the accent card, a greater number of points are awarded for more difficult accents. Play then passes to the next team. We suggest the winning team can be the first to reach 12 points or to have the most points after a set time frame.